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Pat Barton • • • • • • • • New Jersey • • • • • • • • On Race

I was about ten years old. My mother and I were buying milk from a street vending machine near my childhood home in Irvington, New Jersey. Standing about 10 yards away was a black man; I recall that his standing nearby made me nervous. After the machine discharged our milk, my mother and the man […]

November 06

Toi-Sing Woo • • • • • • Seattle, WA • • • • • • • On Race

I am an Asian woman who does racial justice work. Too many times, I feel Asians are left out of the conversations and stories on the impact of racism. I recently read a post, The Soapbox: On The “First Female Maasai Warrior” & The Power Of White Privilege, ( that criticized an article about Mindy […]

August 18

EFLC • • • • • • • • • • • New York • • • • • • • • On White Privilege

I am a white woman, the wife of a man who is African-American, and the mother of two children who are bi-racial.  I was grateful when President Obama spoke out after the George Zimmerman verdict, sharing his perspective as an African American man having experienced the oppression African American men and women experience in this […]

August 08

Jessica Pettitt • • • • • • California • • • • • • • • On Sex/Gender Fluidity

I am a diehard, activist dyke.  My former students even went so far as to call me a “Fierce Dyke”, a title which I wore with boastful pride in the streets of New York City.  It was when I worked professionally as “gay for pay” on a college campus as the point LGBT person for faculty, staff, students, […]

July 28

Dena R. Samuels • • • • • Colorado Springs, CO • On White Privilege

As a white female social justice activist and educator of many years, I still struggle with the pain that is caused by racism, sexism, heterosexism, etc. That pain rears its ugly head periodically and reminds me why I must remain committed to the work. I was at a social justice conference not too long ago […]

July 26

Lee Ann P. Etscovitz Hatboro, PA • • • • • • • On Sex/Gender Fluidity

From time to time I am asked when it t was that I first realized I was transgendered. The answer is “several times.” I had realizations at various levels of awareness at various times in my life. When I was about five years old I knew I was somehow different from the other children in […]