The Beyond Diversity Resource Center is a non-profit organization with headquarters in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. The Center works to build a  society that sincerely honors individuals because of their cultural differences. In its work, the Center advances the moral imperative of respect and dignity for all persons through the elimination of oppression.

Storytelling is powerful. It is an ancient part of all cultures. Storytelling offers a compelling way to share information that is under-utilized in our modern society, but especially useful in engaging others and inspiring compassion. This blog is dedicated to the publication of personal stories that show the struggles, triumphs, and questions that people experience as they grapple with the complexity of race, gender, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, class and other dimensions of diversity.

If you would like to submit a story on diversity for this blog, then read the section below.

Submitting a Story for Publication

  1. Submit the story by writing it in your word processing program and pasting the text into the “Leave A Comment” section below.
  2. Begin your submission with the following elements: (a) your full name, (b) your email, (c) your age, (d) your city, (e) your state. (This information won’t be included in the narrative part of your story.)
  3. Tell us how you would like to be listed as the author. Specify either: (a) your full name, or (b) your initials.
  4. Tell us how you would like your location listed. Specify either: (a) your city and state, or (b) your state only.
  5. Write your story as a personal narrative. Talk about what happened to you, what you observed, and how you felt. Avoid editorializing, that is, telling others how they should interpret your story.
  6. Give the readers context for your story. The more specific your are about yourself, others, and the surrounding circumstances, the better.
  7. Be brief. Stories are limited to 2,000 words.

Please note that by sending submitting your story to the Beyond Diversity Resource Center, you acknowledge that we have the right to publish and modify your submission in any online or printed form.  (We will try to apply few edits.)