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August 08

Jessica Pettitt • • • • • • California • • • • • • • • On Sex/Gender Fluidity

I am a diehard, activist dyke.  My former students even went so far as to call me a “Fierce Dyke”, a title which I wore with boastful pride in the streets of New York City.  It was when I worked professionally as “gay for pay” on a college campus as the point LGBT person for faculty, staff, students, […]

July 26

Lee Ann P. Etscovitz Hatboro, PA • • • • • • • On Sex/Gender Fluidity

From time to time I am asked when it t was that I first realized I was transgendered. The answer is “several times.” I had realizations at various levels of awareness at various times in my life. When I was about five years old I knew I was somehow different from the other children in […]